Over the past few months I’ve tried a few different types of natural deodorants and I thought I’d share what I found. I’ve tried five different types of natural deodorants that come in different forms: powder, solid bar, roll-on and sprays. I found all the natural deodorants I tried to be as effective and in some cases more effective than the chemical laden ones. What I struggled with was application given the form that the product took.


Lush Aromaco Deodorant | A solid bar deodorant that’s unisex and enhanced with patchouli essential oil. I only bought a small piece and it has lasted almost six months. It can be difficult to rub on – I would rub the product on the palm of my hand to get it warmed and softened a bit before applying. If you’re familiar with Lush massage bars, this deodorant bar doesn’t glide and apply as easily as the massage bars. Once I did manage to get it on, it felt very moisturising on an area of the body that can become rather dry. As Lush uses minimal packaging, I had my little deodorant bar stored in a small bag. It would have been easy to carry around but I never felt the need to reapply throughout the day.

Lush The Greeench Deodorant Powder | We initially got this powdered deodorant for Miss 11 and while it’s gentle for her I find the mess it leaves rather frustrating. Miss 11 has started using it less and less because while not difficult to apply (you simply put the required amount in your hand and rub it over your armpits) it does require washing your hands afterwards and then cleaning up the space around you and dusting your clothes if you have some on before you applied the product. Miss 11 found it effective but I suppose at that age it was just a lot of work especially in the mornings when she’s at her slowest.

Lush Dirty Body Spray | I bought this for Patrick because he prefers deodorant in spay form and while the scent was agreeable he wasn’t as impressed with how the product applied/sprayed all over the place. The nozzle on this product didn’t leave much to be desired. And while the product is described as being “portable [for] deodorising when you’re on the move” we wouldn’t recommend travelling with it. Patrick packed it on a trip quite securely but that didn’t stop the product emptying entirely!


Weleda Organic Deodorants | This is a deodorant that I’m currently using along with the one featured below. The Weleda organic deodorants come in spray form in a non-aerosol bottle making it not only easy to use but also considers the environment. The product sprays evenly and doesn’t run down the bottle or your arm. The product neutralises odour-causing bacteria without preventing perspiration or disrupting the body’s natural functions (which is what many chemical based products do). The Weleda deodorants come in three fragrances: an earthy Sage (perfect for the men in your life), Citrus and my favourite Wild Rose. Naturally I have all three – because when you find something that works you stock up!


Eco by Sonya Coconut Deodorant | This is one of my favourites and the best thing about this natural roll-on deodorant is – it works. Both in terms of effectiveness and easy application. The coconut scent makes it a great unisex fragrance and the non-existence of aluminium, parabens, nasties or toxins makes it suitable for the whole family. The natural coconut creates a pleasant scent while the natural formulation continues to allow your body to release the toxins it needs to. The product glides on easily and comes in a handy travel size too (perfect for trips to the beach this summer). If you prefer roll-on deodorants I couldn’t recommend this one more.

The overall verdict: While I still have the Aromaco bar and the Greeench deodorant powder I’ve been using the Weleda Wild Rose spray deodorant and the Eco by Sonya Coconut roll-on deodorant. The easy application of these two products is what won me over and what’s more, they’re effective doing what you’d expect a deodorant to do.

Have you switched to natural deodorants? 
Are there any that you particularly favour? 

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