During the third trimester of my pregnancy I spent a lot of time making and freezing meals. I did so much meal prep that even a month after Rafa was born we still had so much food. What I didn’t account for was how much snacking I would be doing between meals, especially as a breastfeeding mother. Once Patrick returned to work it became trickier for me to ensure I had healthy snacks, and often I’d turn to not-so-healthy options. Now, truth be told Patrick and I are both active snackers! One of us is usually more healthy than the other. And I knew I wanted to bring our snacking lifestyle to the same healthy level of our meals which I tend to put a lot of love and thought into.

Most Sundays, or 7ams on any day, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking or preparing snacks for the week. Sometimes it’s lactation cookies for myself, chocolate and chick pea cookies, blueberry loaves and a whole assortment of other nourishing treats. Sometimes it’s not enough and I’ve realised that I need to have a few snacks tucked away in the pantry. But where do you start? Patrick often cringes at the price I pay for organic, healthy snacks, especially if it’s something new, that we haven’t tried before or perhaps made of an ingredient that’s all the rage. To work around that I started trying snack subscription boxes, in particular the Kiwi As Healthy Subscription Boxes.


We’ve been getting these Kiwi As healthy boxes for a few months now and it’s been such a convenient and affordable way to keep the pantry stocked with little treats as well as discovering new to us products without having to pay full price for them from stores. We’ve discovered so many new favourites and for the items that we particularly like we can order them on their own directly from Kiwi As. There are a few price points and options for the boxes which makes it economical and allows you the freedom to customise your box to your taste and lifestyle.


Each healthy box comes with a card that contains information on the contents of the box, as well as healthy living tips and information from Flourish Naturopathy. I love these little cards. So far there’s been one on snacking, healthy oils, and ingredients that are ideal for cold months. The price of the box also includes courier delivery. We absolutely love our boxes, not only has it meant discovering new, healthy snack options but it also makes it easier for me to have a few snack options in the pantry that complement the snacks that I prepare.

You can find out more about products from Kiwi As here.

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