beauty from the inside out

I’ve been curious about collagen peptides since Jeannette Ogden from Shut the Kale Up started posting about them. I hadn’t come across a company that I was familiar with who were selling the product and simply held off because I was just unsure of what type of buy and which company to get it from (perhaps a little lazy). A few months ago Natural Things announced that they were stocking a collagen product by Nutra Organics (a brand whose products I already used). I purchased my first bottle as soon as it become available. You’ll notice for me to invest in these sorts of things it has to be with a company or brand I’m familiar with, I can be rather skeptical. Thankfully Natural Things and Nutra Organics both have a fantastic track record with me!

I’m not going to say too much about collagen itself as I’m not a health professional. I will share some consistent information I found while researching collagen though. Our skin is naturally make up of about 75% to 80% collagen. It is estimated by our 30’s we begin to lose 1-3% of our collagen each year, which in many people (myself included) is when we begin to see signs of ageing. I was also looking for information about why collagen and sources of it weren’t part of the information we get about diets and what we should we eating. The answer that made the most sense to me was that it is left out of modern diets because collagen is present in bones and connective issue, not really the elements that are desirable on plates. I think it’s worth asking questions and doing your own research.

I purchased the collagen, a fine odorless and tasteless powder. Odorless and tasteless was important to me. I’m funny about food and drink that way. If it smells even slightly ‘iffy’ to me I just can’t bring myself to consume it. After much reassurance from the Natural Things team I was ready. I took two scoops (the scoop is included in the bottle) once a day. I mix my collagen with my morning hot cacao which I make on the stove up (I also just mix it into an ordinary cafe hot chocolate too). The only difference I notice is that it makes the drink a little creamier, that is to say it changes the texture a little, but nothing to complain about.

Within two days my husband commented on how bright my face looked. At this point I thought I noticed that my face looked good, but I figured it would be too early to tell. But now that Patrick said it I was more confident about agreeing that I noticed the same. After a week of taking two scoops a day my skin was the most radiant it had been since having my child.  My 225g bottle lasted about two weeks by which time I was headed to Fiji and hadn’t thought to buy more. Once I was off the collagen the difference was even more obvious. Sometimes the difference when you start taking something and are looking for changes the changes can appear quite subtle, but the moment you stop, the degree of change can become more obvious.

I have just re-ordered two more bottles of the Nutra Organics Collagen. A friend mentioned she only used one scoop a day and found it was just as effective. I tried one scoop for a few days to try to make the product last but it just didn’t quite work the same way. So I’m back to two scoops a day and a sealed bottle tucked in my suitcase for another few weeks in Fiji. Naturally I think there are other elements to great skin (drinking enough water, a decent diet, good skincare, sleep), the addition of collagen to my routine was a result of feeling like I did all those other things (except the decent sleep part) really well and while my skin looked pretty good, it just needed that added push. And this product was that push for me.

If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them. This post is not sponsored and the products were not gifted. The first bottle was bought hesitantly with my own money, and the next two bottles, well I was practically begging them to take my money and send the collagen my way.


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