Last month I shared this post on my un-styled life and Instagram, today I wanted to show you a little glimpse into another un-styled moment as captured by our friends Ropate and Gitte Kama, the delightful couple and skilful photographers from Kama Catch Me Photography (okay, how clever is that name?). Patrick and I had been following Kama Catch Me on instagram and reached out when we saw that they were coming to New Zealand. A few weeks later the four of us met at a cafe. We walked out a few hours later, picked Miss 10 up and explored the street art in the Warehouse precinct in Dunedin, stopped at another cafe for hot chocolates for another hour and a bit. Before we parted, I suggested on a whim, that they come home for dinner. I hadn’t planned on doing this but then again I hadn’t planned on spending half my day with this couple we just met. Such was the connection and the similarities in outlooks yet with enough differences to keep us all interested in each other. If you were to consider the concept of fast friendships, this friendship is a strong contender. But first…

Welcome our life. A glimpse of our everyday. A life that we enjoy and live to the fullest. A life that is enhanced by photos but without which is still naturally beautiful…
This evening was the perfect example of why we always keep bottles of Moet in the house. Most on the shelves but always, always a bottle in the fridge. It’s about celebrating the small things and the big all the same. 

Flavoured water, another staple in our fridge.

I was still moving around in the kitchen when Gitte and Ropate arrived. As they settled into our home they so graciously asked if they could take some photos. I looked around – it (our home) wasn’t perfect, the table wasn’t set perfectly, but this was it. This was our home and our lives and like me, Ropate and Gitte were keen to capture it as it was. I went about cooking while Miss 10 and Patrick organised drinks and talked to our friends. Ropate and Gitte worked almost in the background while at the same time managing to remain present in the moments that we were creating and sharing. A real indication of their skill, talent and respect for the people and space in which they are working. The results were beautiful and completely representative of what our un-styled life truly looks like.

This notebook is our grateful book. Each night we talk about what we’re grateful for and record them in here. We think it’s going to be lovely for Miss 10 to have when she’s older and it reminds us to count our blessings.  
I have two of these notebooks. My friend Lacy gave me one as a present with a beautiful note written in it along with a few of her favourite recipes, other people near and dear have added a few and now I have this one which contains a few recipes from my mother…
…including her recipe for chicken palau which I cooked for dinner 

The rest of the night was spent laughing – Patrick finally proposed to me (after almost 5 years of being married!) – we played articulate – carrom (vidi vidi in Fijian) – and just talking. Ropate and Gitte are the only photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with who not only produce images that are captivating but whose energy and passion also resonate throughout the shoot and match my enthusiasm. It’s easy to find amazing photographers, but finding creatives who produce quality and inspire not only the images but the people they photograph – that’s a rarity.

What would you un-styled dinner party look like?
Ropate and Gitte travel a fair bit but are mainly based out of Fiji, you can find out more about them and their work at Kama Catch Me Photography 

5 comments on “Our Life Un-Styled”

  • Looks like my kind of dinner party 🙂 Congrats on the proposal too, better late than never hey! x

  • Gabrielle says:

    It sounds like you had a great day. I love organising those spontaneous dinners, always so much fun 🙂

  • Ann Krembs says:

    Ummm, yum! I wanna come to dinner!

    What fun Vanisha, Patrick, and Miss 10 plus your two new friends! If you were all to come over to Kevin and my house for dinner we'd first set out our tried and true little app: roasted almonds with caperberries. I'd also pour everyone some red wine, or Kevin would get you a beer. The kids would make homemade soda for anyone so inspired. At this point, I'd hustle one of us to the supermarket lickety split. We'd probably just throw something on the grill. Luckily the market is five minutes walking in either direction. We live in Hong Kong, so the fridge is tight. We basically shop like this for every meal–although I am getting better at planning out the week in a calendar.

    Oooh! I just want to have you over. When are you coming again?!

    When we have a planned dinner, we usually make pizzas on the grill–like this Thursday, my son is turning 13 (yikes!) and we'll grill pizzas on the barbie for him. It's delish because everyone makes their own and then shares. Fun!

    Oh! I just love coming here to read your posts.


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  • Kristian says:

    How fun to have just made friends like that!

  • Sounds lovely and totally like my kind of dinner party. How wonderful! xoxo

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