I’ve had my hospital bag packed for a while – and had a check list next to it for those last minute items (iPhone charger, camera and the like). My Instagram friends and community were so helpful with lots of tips and suggestions. I managed to get everything for myself and baby packed and ready. Of particular importance to me was getting a decent collection of snacks ready for myself and Patrick for the hospital. Obviously I didn’t know what types of snacks I’d want but I stuck to snacks I loved and those that are healthy and good for you.

packing-hospital-snack-bag-1 packing-hospital-snack-bag-3

I got most of my snacks from Natural Things New Zealand, it was just easy to order everything I love snacking on from one place. Here are some of my favourite items: Pana Chocolate in my favourite flavours (sour cherry and vanilla, mint and nuts). Pana Chocolate is handmade, organic and raw. Health Lab Protein Balls, these are finally back in stock so if you love them I’d recommend stocking up!  I got a selection of all of the protein balls, they are raw, gluten free, natural, don’t contain refined sugar and are packed with protein (which is going to be particularly handy for the labour and post-labour!). I also got a few Nutra Organics energy bars (they have the cocobiotics bar, supergreens and reds bar and the ginger biotics bar). Their energy bars are nutrient dense but delicious at the same time with chunks of chocolate and coconut and ginger. The pre & probiotics in the bars give your body the sustained energy it needs regardless of whether your day involves having a baby or not!


As a big Natural Things NZ fan I’m so excited that they asked me if I wanted to run a little Instagram giveaway to offer one lucky person the chance to win an amazing chocolate themed Easter pack! I’m all about treating myself but also keeping it as healthy as possible. To find out more about the giveaway please head over to my Instagram (@alifeunstyled).

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