I now wake up slowly and gently in the morning, without an alarm clock. Being spared the need for numerous trips to the loo through the night I head to the bathroom, I come back to bed and lie on my side with a pillow between my legs and wait. Wait for it to begin. When it does, I’ll reach over for Patrick’s hand. Half asleep he’ll reposition himself against me, his hand resting on my belly. I wait again, but never for too long because the antics commence as if on cue. We feel nudges and kicks and elbows and feet. In a few seconds I’ll hear Patrick smile. Does that sound odd, that I hear him smile? I say that because I usually have my back to him but I feel like I can hear his facial muscles move into a smile. We spend a good portion of this quiet time talking to and playing with our baby and most of all trying to tickle that little foot!

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  • theodora says:

    I’m so happy for you guys. I followed your journey and to see that your dream has come true I’ over the mood for you and Patrick. God bless you, hugs

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