In January I wrote about wardrobe essentials a fair bit and how espadrilles have become an unexpected basic. Over the summer I’ve realised one shoe essential that my wardrobe is missing – a flat open-toed slip-on, but that’s for another post. For the moment, can we talk about the combination that is stripes and espadrilles (all nicely complemented in an alleyway with awesome street art).

art by Be Free 

I’ve been playing around with new combinations more this year simply as a way to wear and maximise what’s already in my wardrobe. Espadrilles were something I wore to the beach or for a picnic in the park. Since re-thinking how I use and wear certain items I’ve been able to re-evaluate their functionality. These shoes have now become a pair I’ll wear anywhere and they’re getting a lot more use, which is great because I think they are fabulous!

I’ve committed to not buy too many new things this year. And so far so good, I’ve only bought a hat and that was out of necessity. The only purchasing I’ve left myself open to is for Popbasic collections. I’m not sure if that’s cheating but I have found that I wear their clothes a lot and that they form great foundations for outfits in the winter and are perfect on their own in summer. They’ve got their next collection launching in a few days and they sell out extra fast (I’ve missed out on many by waiting a day or two to purchase). You can sign-up for their monthly newsletter that lets you know about release dates here (and if you use that link they gift you $15 credit, no strings attached)!

details: stripe dress by Popbasic with $15 towards any purchase + free shipping if you use this |
espadrilles by sportsgirl similar here | 
This month I’m creating, curating and documenting a capsule collection featuring some of my favourite pieces, including numerous Popbasic pieces. While I’m sticking to this collection for February I’ll begin sharing all the details and photos in March which allows me enough time to photograph, edit and reflect on the clothes and if it’s worked or not. Wish me luck!

Have you ever done any of those 30 for 30 challenges or curated a capsule collection for yourself for a month? Do let me know! Or, have you started wearing something from your wardrobe differently like I have with the espadrilles? 

4 comments on “Stripes, Espadrilles and Alleyways”

  • Kristian says:

    Buying the popbasic stuff isn't cheating. Popbasic pieces get worn a ton too. Plus, the thing about them is- you can't always buy them later, because they are only on sale a limited time each collection.

    You look great (what fun shoes!) I'm so interested in your journey with no shopping this year. I've never done a challenge like a capsule collection, but have been seriously thinking about it…

  • Nice Post Dear…. I Like Your Post….

  • Love your shoes + the striped dress is fab!!! I have an obsession with stripes xx

  • Rita says:

    I've been thinking a lot about the concept of capsule collection and how there seems to be a couple of different ways people are using it – either to make a wardrobe more functional or as an excuse to buy more. It's quite interesting either way. I'm looking forward to see what you put together so good luck! The 30 for 30 or 15 for 15 challenges were great. I remember a few years back when the girls at Academichic used to do it and how it helped me think a bit more about remixing/wearing what I had. I think it made me think more creatively about my wardrobe and try new combinations. Nowadays I sort of feel my entire wardrobe is a 30 for 30 all year round!

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