Until Rafa was about a month old as soon as he fell asleep in the evening I would rush to get to bed as quickly as I could. Food was gobbled. Teeth hastily brushed. There was no unwinding. There was just an urgent bid to get to bed and try to get to some sleep before he woke up again. Obviously things have settled down a lot since those early weeks. My evenings are a lot calmer and relaxed. There’s time for a movie if I fell like watching one. I can leisurely finish making dinner if I didn’t quite get it done in the afternoon. I can spend as long as I want with my head buried in a book.

But to get there I had to make a conscious effort to unwind and get a night time routine going for myself. I’ve seen just how beautifully routines have worked for Rafa, especially his evening bath routine. So I needed to come up with one for myself. I suppose it will evolve and change as our family rhythms change but for the moment here is what is helping me settle in for the night:

Dimmed lights in the lounge Even if I’m reading we try to keep the lights low. This is something we used to do for Rafa but it has helped my sleep as well not to go into a darkened room to sleep from a room that is brightly lit.

Candles We go through candles very quickly in our home. I have them lit day and night. The fragrance, the dim light and the dancing shadows all contribute to a calm atmosphere.

Water I’m trying not to drink water with meals but remembering to drink more between meals. And also remembering to drink while Rafa feeds. A nice big glass of water is one of the last things I do before leaving the lounge.

A healthy snack Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I’ll crave a little bite. I’m trying to eat more seasonally so at the moment if I feel a pang of hunger I’ll reach for an avocado! Most of my skincare products (I use the Savar Natural Skincare range) are fortified with avocado so it makes me feel really good to be putting into my body an ingredient that I put on my body.

Clean face I tend not to wear much make-up anymore but a face towel soaked in hot water and spread over my face signals the end of the day. It feels like a real treat after brushing my teeth and getting my pyjamas on

A hydrated face One of the reasons I’m so eager to stay relaxed, drink water, go to the bedroom with a clean face is because I have the most amazing night cream. For a few months now I’ve been using the Savar Natural Antioxidant Night Cream. It is so creamy and luxurious that it feels as if you are embracing your face and neck in a tender hug. A little far fetched and rather flowery language for me I know, but it’s so true. Even on days when I may be too tired to take off that little bit of mascara or to clean my face I think about my night cream and how good it always feels. Nothing has me cleaning my face quicker!

Putting on this natural, plant-based product is the last thing I do before getting into bed. I might not be sleeping for as long as I would like with a baby but I’m continuing to develop and maintain healthy pre-sleep routines that aid restorative sleep. One day soon I’m hopefully that all three of us will be sleeping glorious 12 hour stretches!

Do you have a specific bedtime/settling in for the night routine?
Is skincare an important part of that routine?

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a huge part of the routine for me until I found these products that I love and have been able to actually see and feel the benefits of using. I think it’s so important to invest in your health and skincare is just as important. I’ve been using the Savar range for a while and I feel so much happier and healthier for it.

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