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I tend not to do too many reviews on here, mostly because I didn’t think people actually sought reviews. But a few weeks ago I came across a product that I thought looked interesting and I couldn’t find anything about it online except places that were selling it. No reviews whatsoever. The product I was looking at was that of a small business, and as such handcrafted and quite pricey. Unfortunately I was reluctant to handover my money for a product I simply couldn’t find reviews for. What I’m saying is I get it now. While I wouldn’t expect to buy, or not buy, products based on reviews alone, the lack of people talking about the product is enough to halt the purchase for me.

It’s no secret that I am a long time fan of Savar Skincare, there aren’t many products left in their range that I haven’t tried, or used, for extensive periods of time. A more seasonal product from the range that makes an appearance from time to time in my skincare routine is the Natural Rosehip Advanced Protection Moisturiser with SPF15. I say seasonal because I prefer not to use a moisturiser with SPF everyday. The only exception is when I’m in a place like Fiji, at which time an SPF based moisturiser becomes a staple for me.

The core ingredients in this product (New Zealand blackcurrant, kiwi fruit and melon fruit) all have naturally occurring properties that help protect against hard UVA/UVB rays, as well well natural skin rejuvenating and enhancing properties. I initially started applying the product sparingly – because moisturisers with SPF tend to be sticky and greasy. I found though that the direction to apply generously worked for me and my skin. The product absorbed easily, without any obvious sign of the use of SPF on my face.

The product doesn’t have a strong scent, that is usually associated with products with SPF, in fact based on scent alone I much prefer this Savar product to the Savar Rosehip moisturiser without the SPF. I think that says quite a lot.

The Rosehip Moisturiser with SPF15 is also a wonderful base for your make-up. While I tend to wear very little make-up in Fiji, it enhances the glow that I seek to create with a highlighter. The perfect tool to help create a beautiful, effortless holiday glow – everyday. I feel like my skin ‘plumps’ up and just looks dewy and glow-y with this SPF moisturiser on. Reading through Savar description of the product I see that this “plumpness” is actually just the ‘firming’ aspect of the product, and I’m all for firm skin!


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