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After sharing a stream of Instagram stories about the new Savar Nourishing Face Pack that I was so graciously sent, I received a barrage of questions. I thought I’d attend to some of them in a blog post as well as share a review of the product.

My initial reaction as I took the stylish, yet understated black and gold accented cosmetic bag out of the packaging was one of amazement. I literally gasped (and a few of you did too, if the comments on Instagram were anything to go by). It is beautiful. The ultimate luxury, and the ultimate present for someone special who needs a real treat. I wouldn’t wish a crisis on anyone but if you know someone who is having a rough time this might just be the treat for them.

The Nourishing Face Pack contains 11 items. Nine full-sized products and two mini-sized ones perfect for popping into your handbag or to take while travelling. I won’t list all the items by name, you can easily find them here. The items included take care of daily skincare needs (cleansing, toning and moisturizing), specific needs (eye cream, face serum and a moisturizer with SPF) as well as our luxury needs in the form of a glorious no-rinse-needed (unless you want to) moisture mask.

While the face pack may seem overly decadent, which in a way it is, it is entirely usable and unpretentious. People have asked if I’ll use all the products. My entire skincare regime is based on Savar products so yes, I use all of them but where I have spares, I pass them onto friends (in real life or Insta friends) that have expressed an interest in them. They truly work for me and my skin so I’m always excited to pass them on. This would be a wonderful way to buy the face pack too if you feel its a little too much for your needs – share the cost with friends, each chipping in a little and splitting the products up. This is what I would do if I was unsure of a range/product. You could all try the different products by simply decanting them as well.

Another question was what my favorite products were that are included in this pack. There are three standout products for me (the ones I’d take if I had to make a choice and couldn’t take everything – especially while travelling). The Instant Boost Multi Toner – I use this after applying make-up and then throughout the day to keep my make-up look fresh and dewy. The Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum – this is one product I can’t live without, so much so I have backups stored away in New Zealand and in Fiji. I use the serum on a clean face in the morning and evening. And finally the Rosehip Advanced Protection Moisturizer SPF15 – I’m currently wearing this and will be over the next few months while we’re in Fiji. For an non-SPF version, I use the Rosehip Miracle Moisture Essence. Both are used as a face cream, but I use them as a primer for my make-up too (this was a serendipitous discovery while at Mecca getting my make-up done. The make-up artist said it was wonderful primer, I’ve been using it specifically as such every since).

Who is the face pack good for? I’m not sure what this question was referring too. The products are suitable for all skin types. I think the Nourishing Face Pack is a wonderful gift to mark a special occasion: the birth of a child when a mum needs a little more pampering, a calendar occasion (Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays etc), perhaps a super early wedding present for the bride (especially one who can’t get to the spa for all the pampering in the lead up to the big day, this would be a lovely gift and way to achieve glowing skin at home). Perhaps someone who loves and appreciates natural skincare or someone (or a group of friends) just starting out.

Why favorite question: why spend so much money on skincare? Because I can’t buy sleep. And skincare is the next best way for me to achieve the skin that I can be proud of and feel confident in regardless of how tired I am. I may have bags under my eyes and the dark circles maybe rather pronounced but I don’t have bad skin. My skin is hydrated and fresh and I achieve that with quality, natural skincare products. I’m not the prettiest woman on the block, but when I get compliments about my skin when I have no make-up on and little sleep with a side of exhaustion I know I’m doing something right.

I would absolutely love to answer any questions you have about skincare or the Savar products. I answer honestly and when I don’t have the answer I can help find out – for both of us. Join the conversation on Instagram, or send me an email.

There’s also a lot more information on Savar Products on their website.
And you can view the Savar Nourishing Face Pack here.


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