Slowly and steadily I’ve been transitioning my little family into natural products. It’s one of those things that I’ve had to do carefully without imposing my opinions and beliefs. Especially with Miss 10. I felt like I needed her to understand why natural was better, not just in theory but also in practice. Patrick brought up a lot questions about the price of natural products and how in Fiji (where we’re from) most things and a large part of the lifestyle is fairly organic. Our largest impasses at home about natural products has been about replacing soap that Miss 10 and Patrick love so much with natural alternatives (I’ve always used body wash).

A few weeks ago I tried the Savar natural skincare energising body wash and got Patrick and Miss 10 to try it without really saying anything. I then saw the body wash being carried from one bathroom to the other at various bath times, I knew I was on to something. The lemon balm fragrance of the body wash is one that I find pleases everyone. It adds a spring to your step in the warmer months and comforts you in the colder months. The body wash has a heavier consistency compared to other body washes I’ve used, making it particularly useful for shaving (which helps me eliminate shaving cream from the list of products I need to buy and find natural alternatives for).

The first bottle of the Savar energising body wash I got was a glass bottle which made me nervous for myself and for Miss 10. Luckily in a period of a few weeks Savar have come out with new PET unbreakable bottles. PET can be recycled again and again and again. You can read more about PET here. When they changed their bottles Savar also tweaked their formulation – there is now increased sugar cane and lemon balm extracts in there. In my photos you’ll notice that the fresh batch (in the PET bottle in front) is a lemony shade, and apparently changes to golden over a period of weeks. This is due to the light and the natural extracts and always happens. Patrick and I just love the lemony-ness of the latest batch – unfortunately for us that bottle is sitting in Miss 10’s shower!

We’ve noticed the hydrating benefits of the body wash (we all have different skin types. Mine is sensitive, Miss 10’s is dry and Patrick’s is a combination) and find that you don’t always feel like you need to moisturise afterwards. We still do, it’s just that your skin comes out feeling healthy and happy!

During the period we’ve been using the Savar energising body wash we’ve noticed reduced scum build up in the shower. This is perfect because I’ve been trying to convince Patrick to let me invest in natural cleaning products (all he hears is “more expensive cleaning products”) and has been reluctant. I feel now that the shower needs to be cleaned less I might be able to splurge on the natural cleaner I want!

You can try the Savar Energising Body Wash by ordering it online here They retail for $39 for 500ml, and we’re finding that 500ml goes a long way.

Why I’ve tried to transition them from soap? Some of the reasons for this transition are: 

Many soaps contain palm oil which devastates rainforests and impacts animals
Soap can be very drying, especially if you aren’t using a natural one
Soap cannot be as nicely stored in showers as body wash
It’s easier to have a variety of body wash fragrances to cater for everyone and for different occasions than it is to have a variety of soap in the shower
Soap lathers so much (thanks to chemicals in them) and creates a lot of soap scum (yuck)

Do you prefer soap or body wash? 
Do you have a favourite soap or body wash you think we should try? 

4 comments on “Why We’ve Swapped Out Soap For Natural Body Wash”

  • Kristian says:

    This has been interesting to read a bit about your feelings on natural vs. synthetic products. We have a lot of handmade and natural soaps sold around here (not sure why? Bored people? A "pioneer/cowboy" tradition? ), but I agreed with all your thoughts on body wash over soap. To me, natural cleaning products seem like an important thing to have natural (but that could be because I think I'm allergic to some of the chemicals) and we've really liked switching to them, though my husband still sometimes buys laundry or dishwasher detergent in the little capsules (I think he like the connivence of it).

  • Nadeena says:

    You know, I didn't even think about how you could have a variety of shower gels but only one soap..good point. Do you use a loofah? I love them! much more than shower puffs. In regards to moisturizing..I have dry skin and for a while (I need to start this again) I had a mixture of olive oil + jasmine essential oil in the shower and I would put it on after I was finished showering (before drying my skin) and then proceed. It might sound odd if you've never tried it…but I loved how moisturized my skin was afterwards! And smelling like jasmine didn't hurt 😉

  • That is very interesting and Savar sounds like a wonderful company. I usually use a body wash as well. Have a lovely day, sweetie.

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