It has been a few months now since I started using the Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner. I had started using mists/toners last year and had time to experiment with a few. This Savar one was the last that I got to (I like to really try products, and often use them until they finish).

Among the many nourishing ingredients used in this toner are New Zealand marshmallow and organic white tea. The marshmallow provides the soothing element often missing in other toners I’ve used. The Savar toner doesn’t sting when applied (even if I’ve just used a face scrub or have sensitive patches on my face). The white tea also helps reduce irritation. The product is also alcohol-free, which makes it perfectly gentle for your skin.

The biggest advantage for me was that there was no sting when I applied this toner. Often it’s not just the product that is important but also the overall experience of using the product. The design of the bottle, particularly the nozzle, also allows for easy application (ie you are not scaring the living daylights out of yourself each time you spritz it in the direction of your face and you don’t have product dripping and running down your arm). A well thought out and executed product from ingredient to design.

The Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner refreshes, hydrates, re-hydrates and creates a delightful glow all while being good for your skin, easy to use and good for the environment (in its recyclable bottle – which you can fill with water for multiple purposes once your toner runs out).

The Savar toner is such a popular product it is available in the large 240ml size, but also in a 30ml version available in the following sets: the luxury gift set, premium face essentials set and the ultra brightening face pack.

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