A lot of what we do and what we eat is influenced by the different seasons. There’s something so beautiful and comforting about living seasonally. In the past I would crave summer fruits the moment the cold set in, often paying cringe-worthy amounts of money to indulge in summer favourites during winter. Luckily for my bank account this has stopped. Instead I now enjoy what’s available in the moment and let them be once their time is over. Not only is our diet affected by seasonality but also the scents in our home, the drinks we consume and our skincare routine. I do everyone a favour (as uninvited as it is) to change up the skincare products we use. As the months get colder light body washes are replaced with heavier ones and sugar scrubs are left in the bath. Light moisturisers are replaced with body balms, butters and natural salves. My skincare regime in particular changes quite significantly in the colder months.

Without intending to I seemed to have moved my entire skincare regime to the natural, plant-based, New Zealand made Savar products. I keep my skincare regime, much like my make-up regime, pretty quick and easy. Minimal in nature. In the colder months I add a night cream to my routine. It’s not something I use in the warmer months. I don’t have an amazing reason for this, but simply that I feel my face needs a little more nourishing in the winter. I’ve been using the Savar antioxidant night cream which is lightly scented and deeply moisturising. The essential fatty acids make it particularly rejuvenating.


I find it so much easier to remain hydrated in the summer, in the winter my water consumption becomes more of a chore and something I have to consciously remind myself of! This winter I added the Savar gentle hydrating antioxidant moisture mask to my skincare routine once a week.  The Savar moisture mask is great for me because you can either remove it with a damp cloth  or give yourself a face massage and work it into the skin. I favour the massage and then take a face cloth soaked in hot water, tightly wring it and place it over my face. It feels amazing. I’ve written about the Savar rosehip ultra brightening serum here previously, it remained the one consistent feature of my skincare routine but now in winter I use the Savar rosehip miracle moisture essence. The essence is a little more ‘fortified’ then the serum making it great for your skin in harsh, cold temperatures. I use it under my make-up or my face cream if I’m not wearing make-up. On my skin I’ve noticed the essence has reduced some fine lines (Hello 30s!) but also decreased redness on my skin which usually occurs in the colder months or when I’m not hydrated enough.

We’ve embraced the cold in these parts. Longing for summer constantly would make living in a place like Dunedin miserable so instead we enjoy the crisp cold breeze during our morning walks, we watch the flames dance in the fire place and make the most of those cuddly blankets scattered all over the house.

How much of your life do you feel is affected by seasonality? Is your skincare affected by the changes in season? 

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  • Love savar products too! My skin changes so much from summer to winter and the year I spent a winter in Scotland I thought my face might fall off! I also change my interior colour scheme from summer to winter opting for brighter colours during the summer months and more moody tones in winter and autumn 🙂

  • Thank you so much for loving, using and writing such a lovely review of our natural products. xx

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