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Except for last month (June) I’ve been really good about setting intentions for the month in lieu of goals. Even better than setting them, I have managed to focus and make progress on each of them. I went from getting organised in January, setting goals and doing the work in February, just getting started in March, creating not consuming in April and showcasing professionalism through poise and grace in May. June didn’t get an intention because I was too busy extending the professionalism through poise and grace intention into June while I blogged for Fiji Fashion Week and continued some of my professional work. Thinking of an intention for July was a little harder for me. See, July is my birthday month. And this July also marks last year I’ll be able to say I’m in my twenties. I turn thirty next year, gulp. There have been moments lately where I’ve just been halted by the fear of what next? Does there have to be a next big thing that I accomplish? Do I need to keep doing these things? Am I wanting to do them for me, or am I succumbing to outside pressures? I really don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I should be achieving more. So this month, I’m taking stock. I’m looking at what I’ve done and I’m going to start mapping out where I want to be by the time I turn thirty. Just some significant (to me) accomplishments. I don’t think I’ll come up with those thirty before thirty lists, that’s not me but this is just a process of elimination. I’m not sure what I’ll come by with.

I do know that it’s not about bigger or better. I’ve done some huge things in my life, things that people usually strive for when they’re much older and even then don’t always achieve. It’s not about those things for me. I’ve proved what I can do to myself and to everyone else. I think now it’s going to be all those little things I let pass to get me to where I am. It’s going to be about moving forward and achieving things that are a little different to what I’ve spent the past ten years achieving.  I hope to be sharing what I decide closer to middle of the month, and my birthday. This month for me is to map out the next big challenge adventure.

Have you got a goal or intention for the month? Let me know if you’d like a buddy to help keep you on track. We can watch out for each other. 

PS In other exciting news, I’m so thrilled to share the launch of The Kindred Collective e-magazine on motherhood and families. I contributed a story on the birth of my family and it’s so special to me. The magazine costs $10 and contains 94 pages of beautiful (sometimes funny, sometimes raw) words and images. Part of the proceeds from sales goes to a fistula hospital in Ethiopia. If you’re interested you can have a look and perhaps buy a copy here.

4 comments on “Setting The Next Big Challenge”

  • kayleigh says:

    Happy birthday month to you. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I turn thirty next year as well. Man does time ever fly

  • Kaliova says:

    Wishing you a Big happiest birthday ever to you in advance Vanisha. Great post. A while back I read from somewhere that in life we should never be comfortable of where we are but to continue to challenge ourselves; accepting comfort is like waiting for death to arrive. Ever since then I have always been cautious not to settle to the comfort space that I am in. I loved this post because at times I pressure myself to think of accomplishing many things as possible before I turn 30 just like how you have gracefully expressed in this post. It always a scary process for me thinking about that big question too “Whats next”. This post has given me a more reasonable and spacious approach to accomplishing life goals. In pursuit of ‘adventures’ I will now also now allow myself more space to be happy and grateful for everything I have in life and to take more ownership of personal milestones.

  • Poonam says:

    Hi Vanisha, Happy birthday to you in advance. I have been reading your blog for the past few months and when i came across this post, i felt really connected to you. I live in Auckland and have just turned 30 few months ago. I started planning each week and month from when i became pregnant. My daughter is 15months old so no matter how much planning i do for the following months 70% of the time things dont go that way but i still try all the time.

    For me things at this stage is more about family, work and education. So i try to plan for the next month by mid of the current month. My planner is more of a family planner, deciding what my husband and i want to do in the next month and then helping each other achieve that. Then we plan out what we want for our daughter eg; swimming classes or reading a new book with her.

  • Kristian says:

    So, I am turning 30 at the end of this month and I’ve been thinking a lot along a similar line. Your 20s, so much is changing. Living on your own, college, getting careers started and (for most people) relationships with the possibility of starting families/marriages. And I’ve come to realize that I’ve done all that and… I’m at a good place. I want to continue to refine my expertise at my job and continue to learn and grow. I want to keep relationships strong but also… that things aren’t going to change in quite the same dynamic way, and that is okay. There is a balance to be had between not growing complacent but also appreciating and taking in where you are now. That’s what I love about your post here- that same idea is running through this writing.

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