I’ve got a few goals for different areas in my life. Financial goals. Wardrobe goals. Skincare goals. I’m particularly happy with the skincare products and regime I put in place in 2016. This year is just about refining it and really listening to what my skin and body are saying throughout the year. And understanding that needs change (with seasons, circumstance, travel and so on). For 2017 I really wanted a simple skincare regime, and the best way I know how to get there is to start small. I’ve thought about my skincare in relation to three questions: what my skin needs, what offers me an instant boost and something luxurious and pampering as a treat.

Listen to what your skin is saying to you. Do certain parts feel more oily? Has your skin become itchy? Has a decent summer (unlike our current summer situation) left evidence on your body in the form of sunburn or redness? My eye area suffered from a bout of dryness last year and I managed to get it under control with the Savar Wonder Lift Eye Cream, but these days I find that I need it a lot more. I think it’s the change of weather. Once your know what needs to be taken care of, find the appropriate products to address those needs and keep them nearby.

An instant boost. Is there a product that makes you feel better and look brighter straight away? My instant boost products are face mists or facial toners. They make my skin look bright and dewy. I use the Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner. It’s a delightfully light product which smells heavenly and can be worn on a fresh face or sprayed over your makeup for a beautiful glow. For some your instant boost product might be a luxurious face cream or healing hand creams. Identify what gives you that boost and make a point of using it when you fee like you need a bit of a lift. It can do wonders for your mood, and your skin.

A little bit of pampering. This is a new one for me. I’ve thought long and hard about a product that I can add to my skincare regime that makes me feel pampered. Something that I can use quickly and doesn’t require too much effort. My piece of pampering for the year is the Savar Natural Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask. Because this is a moisture mask it is ultra hydrating making it perfect for sensitive, dry and mature skin. Some people my age shy away from products that contain the words “mature skin” but I tend to gravitate towards them because I don’t necessarily think of ‘mature’ in terms of ‘old’. I think of it in terms of need – mature skin perhaps needs more moisture with gentle ingredients and that’s exactly what I might need. If you’re unsure, talk to a skincare professional about how your skin is feeling and what you think it needs. This moisture mask is perfect because you don’t need to wash or rinse it off. I use a warm, damp cloth to remove it, or I simply rub any excess cream into my skin for an extra boost of moisture. Fuss free and perfect when you have a baby in tow!

You can use these tips with any skincare products, but I strongly recommend you look at the ingredients of the products you’re using. Do you own research and think about what you’re putting on your skin. Where possible it’s best to invest in natural, plant-based products. I use the Savar skincare range because they meet my standards for natural, plant-based, organic and effective products. Savar have a range of skincare value packs on sale at the moment if you were keen on trying out a few different products.

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