Mondays I don’t mind so much. It’s Tuesdays that end up being the most hurried day in our week. It wasn’t always the case but this semester Patrick teaches a Tuesday morning class and leaves home earlier than usual. Tuesday is also Wriggle and Rhyme at the library and Rafa hasn’t missed a session yet. It starts at 10.30am, but we aim to get there by 10am in case he needs a feed, to return or pick up books or just hang out in the space. But that means he needs to be dressed for the day before he has his first nap (around 9am). Usually Patrick does this but on Tuesdays I have to take over. Once Rafa wakes up, we do a nappy change, a feed and then we leave.

It really is all systems go from the moment we wake up, around 7am (for Rafa and I, and earlier for Patrick). It’s on Tuesdays that I find myself stressed, hungry, making poor decisions and exhausted. I’m usually pretty well organised but if I don’t manage to prepare healthy snacks, breakfasts and lunches for Tuesday on Monday night the whole day crumbles. A few Tuesdays of this and I decided things needed to change.

Tuesday breakfasts are now a simple affair of oats and fruit or perhaps a scone that I made the day before (rather than a ‘cooked’ breakfast of homemade hash browns, eggs and vegetables). I prepare numerous bottles of green juice the night before (instead of trying to do this in the morning and then getting frustrated that Rafa is down for a nap and I don’t want to turn on the juicer!). Snacks are a simple affair of vegetable, fruit and nuts. But most importantly I don’t schedule any work on Tuesdays. No photos. No posts. No emails.

After the frantic-ness of the morning I slow things right down. After Wriggle and Rhyme I might join some friends for coffee, or run “errands” (like picking up flowers, or chocolate!), but lately our favourite thing to do is take a wander to the university and meet Patrick for a little walk and fresh air. When we get home I join Rafa for the rest of his naps. I’m unlikely to fall asleep but I’ll get into bed amidst cosy blankets. Sometimes with a book. Sometimes with my headphones to listen to a relaxation track. Most days I remember to stay calm and look after myself, but on Tuesdays it takes a little more effort and conscious thought.

Tuesday starts off busy but later becomes a leisurely day of rest. Now I also try to not schedule anything on Wednesdays as on Wednesday nights I’m at a three hour class (more on this later!). On Wednesdays I try to get a few meals prepared and spend the day playing with Rafa and resting when he rests. It’s lovely having a day, or two, in the work week that isn’t packed with activity and movement.

Do you have a particularly frantic day in your week?
How do you cope, or prepare for it? 

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