In our efforts to keep what we’re buying for the little one at a minimum I’ve done a fair bit of looking around online and in stores. Sleeping essentials were one of the first items we started buying. The Moses Basket, then the cot, the most amazing sheets (more on those later!) and then I started thinking about the temperature of the room. This is a contentious issue between Patrick and I. I’d rather be hot and Patrick enjoys being cooler. How many blankets is too many blankets? Then I came across sleeping bags and started reading up on them. Eventually we settled on Snugbags which are made in New Zealand and specialise in organic cotton and merino baby sleep essentials.

I knew as soon as their new diagonal zip design sleeping bag hit the market that I needed to have one and we couldn’t be happier with what we received. Let me preface this by saying of course we have nothing to compare this to – we haven’t had children and our baby hasn’t arrived yet but all the aspects of this sleeping bag appealed to our rational, practical academic minds. And the quality of the fabric was so much more impressive than anything we had felt in stores.


Our Snugbags diagonal zip sleeping bag includes the following features:

  • Dome free shoulders (which counters the little ones ability to get out of or pop open as they start standing or crawling)
  • Underarm domes that help adjust the bag for very small babies
  • A flat opening design that allow for quick and easy nappy changes and for dressing baby
  • There’s also a seat belt slot (in the front and back) that allows you to easily transfer the little one in the pram and car seat
  • The zip starts as a front zip and continues into a full length side zip all the way down to the bottom (this isn’t a feature we’ve seen in other sleeping bags). It also allows you to leave the bottom unzipped to allow for airflow.
  • A zip cover that protects the little ones skin and runs all the way down the back.


These new diagonal Snugbags are available in standard, winter duvet and winter duvet deluxe weight and two sizes (newborn to two years and two to four years). We have the Winter Duvet weight sleeping bag in the drop print. This sleeping bag has three layers: a merino inner layer, a bamboo/cotton wadding middle layer and a cotton outer layer. Babies can transition to the sleeping bag once they are no longer comfortable being swaddled, which we’ve heard can happen from around 10 weeks.

We ultimately went with this product due to the impressive features (mentioned above) as well as Snugbags meeting some of our personal criteria for what we try to look for when buying for the little one. These include: locally made (Snugbags are manufactured exclusively in New Zealand, all fabric is knitted and dyed in New Zealand also). Eco-friendly and sustainable products and processes (only eco-friendly and child safe dyes are used in Snugbags. The prints are woven into the fabric with un-dyed and unbleached cotton). Organic fibres and fabrics (Snugbags also only use organic cotton, bamboo and exclusively use only New Zealand merino due to its superior quality).

We’re absolutely thrilled with our Snugbags sleeping bag. It’s reduced the need for too many blankets, we only have a fitted sheet in the cot. The knitted blanket you see in the picture is one I made that will eventually be used as a play mat or something to snuggle with. I can’t wait to share how our little one responds to the sleeping bag but for the moment I thought I’d just share some of the products that we’ve got and are loving for the newest little addition to our family.

For more information have a look at the Snugbags website, the new diagonal zip sleeping bags are also available for purchase here.

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