So much is happening to this little body of mine, all of which I’ve embraced with pretty open arms. It hasn’t been a difficult pregnancy but it’s still a pregnancy and still involves the growing of a human.  I guess waiting this long to get pregnant has altered how I’m viewing things. I’ve put on about six kilos which, in my opinion, is all baby related because usually the first place I show weight is in my cheeks (and that hasn’t happened)!


Something I did have to grapple with since about the seven week mark was the inability to fit comfortably into my skinny pants and skinny jeans. I resorted to a few other pant options I had but very quickly all that fit comfortably were dresses. I haven’t been a huge fan of dresses and the climate here doesn’t really encourage the wearing of the types of dresses that I prefer. Getting ready became a bit of a battle because I wanted to wear separates but that wasn’t going to happen. I was fighting it. Coupled with the insistence that I wasn’t going to use the rubber band trick or get extenders or whatever they’re called and maternity clothes are still too big for me. I’ve gone from xxs-xs to xs-s. I have a few dresses and I’ve just had to embrace them.


I remain focused on my goals towards to a minimal lifestyle and wardrobe but have accepted the reality that a changing body will require a change in style to some point. Besides, dresses are the only piece of clothing that I own that really accentuates my bump and I’m all about accentuating this bump. As the weather warms I have a few more dresses that can finally make an appearance and I’ve given myself the allowance to buy two more dresses before the little one arrives and that’ll be my ‘maternity’ wardrobe. I’m not even going to start thinking about how breastfeeding (if I go down that road) is going to have an impact on what I wear. Baby steps…

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