“In being gentle and true to myself about how I really felt about my marriage and partner, I opened myself to a journey of true discovery.”

photo Kama Catch Me 

I have followed White Magazine on Instagram and on their blog for over a year now, perhaps even two years. I can’t tell you of the excitement and fear, in very unequal parts – tipped in favor of the latter, that I felt when I was asked to contribute a piece for their current issue around the theme of “conscious”. The magazine has the most captivating mantra, “a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day”. I couldn’t have thought of a more fitting issue, or publication to write for. I wrote a piece titled A Life of Intention.

Patrick and I by no means have the perfect relationship. We simply try to build on our relationship, and create a relationship that’s better than yesterday and one that has room to grow and be even better tomorrow. I don’t want to take too much of your time by writing too much here, but it would mean the world to me if you wanted to have a read of the full piece, available here. I feel like it’s a humble piece, not one with a lot of airs about it, but one that I got vulnerable writing and sharing.


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  • Frances Singh says:

    What a wonderful piece. I love how honest it is when you say you didn’t know he was your soul mate at the time of your wedding rather you’ve grown into !

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