Living in a country that has four very distinct seasons has left me so much more attuned to seasons and seasonality. Not only am I noticing the rhythms of nature more clearly, I’m also becoming increasingly aware of my personal rhythms and that of my family. Where possible I have started trying to enhance these rhythms of nature and personal life with complementary activities, products and food. I don’t know if we’ll ever be ‘one’ with nature but we’re becoming more observant of our needs as the seasons change.

Patrick, Rafa and I spent the past two weeks in Fiji (in Suva, Nadi and Ovalau) and I made many discoveries – as one usually does when the responsibilities of everyday life are removed. I realise we can live with even less then we currently have. I know that travel can and will continue to be a big part of Rafa’s life, even if it means home schooling him. A less life changing discovery however was in relation to my avoidance of coconut oil. I know it’s all the rage now and I use it for cooking and for personal use. But for years I couldn’t stand it – it brought back memories of strongly coloured liquid filled in PET bottles, usually rinsed out soft drink bottles, for sale in the market. As a child the smell didn’t appeal. I can’t tell you if I actually used it as a child.  I do remember being in tears because my grandmother forcefully rubbed it all over my hair and scalp in the hopes of improving the texture of my hair (obviously this didn’t happen regularly because I have horribly fine hair).

Anyway, this summer I worked out just how much sense oils made in tropical climates and in the warmer months. I still don’t habitually use coconut oil on my body but found a close enough alternative that works just as well (and without those horrible childhood associations!). I took a bottle of the Savar Natural Indulgent Body Oil (in Pacific Coconut) and found it to be so versatile.

I used the oil on my hair (as a nourishing treatment, but also to tame flyaway strands), I used it as a mosquito repellent (so this isn’t scientifically proven, but a grandma in a village once told me to put oil on and that it stops mosquito from landing on and biting you. It’s worked for me) and I’ve used it on Rafa (thus reducing the amount of things to pack). We always have some oil handy for when a massage is needed and this oil is absolutely divine on aching muscles and for tired, stressed senses. The Savar oil is actually made using a variety of oils (check their website for a full list of ingredients). It’s a lovely alternative to coconut oil while still offering a lovely coconut fragrance that’s perfect for summer.

Do you use body oils much? 
Let me know if you try them as a repellent! 

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