For about a month now I’ve been drinking the Artemis breastfeeding tea. From the very first day I noticed a significant difference in myself and in Rafa. Breastfeeding is so tricky as I find you often second guess yourself – have I got enough milk? Is it the best possible quality for my baby? Is he getting enough? Am I feeding on the right side? There’s so much that crosses your mind but I’ve learnt that Rafa will provide me with all the answers and as the months have gone by I’ve become better at understanding what he’s trying to tell me.


I’m not a health professional but I felt that the tea made a significant difference to my milk supply. Rafa was a lot happier on the breast and I felt fuller more often. I wish I had started having the tea after Rafa was born. It has become a big part of the “look after mum” routine in our home. Patrick makes me at least two cups of it a day. What a treat it is to be engrossed in life and have someone bring you a cup of tea. The tea itself is made of fennel and nettle which is used to stimulate milk supply. Based on the Artemis descriptions the tea also aids healthy digestion for babies “making digestive discomforts like colic and wind less likely.” Come to think of it Rafa has had less wind in the past month.


The Artemis range of teas are medicinal teas and again I’m not a health professional but am simply doing what I feel is working for myself and my baby. After the success I’ve had with the breastfeeding teas I added two more teas from the Artemis range to our lives: the Liver Detox Tea and the Digestive Ease Tea. Seeing the benefits I derived from the breastfeeding tea Patrick also got on the medicinal tea bandwagon with me and has been having the liver detox and digestive ease teas with me. The Artemis tagline “let wellness infuse you” strikes a lovely chord with me and I think about it as I indulge in hot cups of tea throughout the day.

We begin our day with the Artemis Liver Detox Tea. Always taken before breakfast to build liver health. This tea is quite bitter and might take a little getting used to (I love bitter and sour things so it was perfect for me). Bitter plants (like the globe artichoke, dandelion and calendula in this tea) “stimulate your liver and digestive system and are essential for good health.”

Twice a day we have the Artemis Digestive Ease Tea. This tea contains aniseed, fennel, chamomile, licorice, dandelion root and cinnamon. All Artemis teas are made using 100% certified organic herbs. These ingredients help settle stomach discomforts and support the proper digestion of food. The medicinal teas in no way replaces a healthy and balanced diet, but is a wonderful addition to our lifestyle.

We follow the brewing instructions quite closely simply to make the most of the teas. We follow the amounts and let the teas brew for 5-10 minutes. With the breastfeeding tea I try to make it a point to get the kettle on the moment I come out of Rafa’s room after putting him down for a nap. I find if I don’t do it straight away I often end up getting the process going towards the end of his nap and then miss out on truly enjoying a nice cup of tea in comfort. Rafa has three naps on most days so I have at least three cups of the breastfeeding tea plus the two that Patrick makes for me at the beginning and end of each day.


A few friends on Instagram asked how I manage to drink this much tea and keep my water intake up. Again…I’m not a health care professional but I try to drink as much water as I can. This doesn’t take much effort as breastfeeding leaves me craving water. Especially at night and in the early mornings. Each cup of the Artemis teas we drink is 150ml, so if I drink six cups of medicinal tea a day that’s 900ml of the 2L I try to drink a day. Essentially I account the teas as water/fluid intake as they don’t contain caffeine and are natural, plant based. I’m just doing what feels right for me and based on my understanding on the ingredients and how the body works. You should always check with your doctor or health care professional. The staff at Artemis are also really helpful, so you could always ask them if you have any questions. You can find out more about Artemis and their products here.

Have you had much experience with medicinal teas? Have you tried any products from the Artemis range? 

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    The liver detox tea sounds great. When I there next, I’ll raid your pantry 🙂

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