I look back at this post on ‘why a life un-styled‘ with great fondness. It brings back such wonderful memories and generates such an imposing image of how much life has changed and will continue to change over time. All in ways that I had never imagined. There’s going to be a baby in the Mishra-Vakaoti household! I wanted to follow up that initial post on why the blog is called A Life Un-Styled and the shift towards an un-styled life with this post on how A Life Un-Styled has evolved.

I’ve been criticised, and I think legitimately so that my photos are styled and that in fact my life is styled. The most recent comment came about a month ago when a reader very kindly on Instagram wrote “The name of your account is so misleading, your images are perfectly styled and so beautiful!! :)” I appreciate the feedback and it means a lot that people feel comfortable enough to engage with me in this way.

I truly do share what I’m doing or things around my home. Having said that I do find the best light to show you these things. I don’t want to share grainy photos. So I guess that while you might argue that my flatlays are styled, my life definitely isn’t! I say I feel like the criticism is legitimate because it brings up the point that perhaps what looks ‘styled’ to one person is actually reality for another. For the most part our surfaces are usually empty, that might look styled or staged to some but that’s just how it is for us. My writing desk is in the lounge during the warmer months so I can’t have it strewn with things because it makes the place look messy and doesn’t elicit that beautiful tranquil environment that we aim for our home to be.

I might take my tea and muffin to where the best light is in the house, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that I’m taking a moment for myself. My tea is served in a pretty cup and there’s a pretty saucer not because I’m taking a picture to share with you but because we’ve made the conscious effort to only surround ourselves with things that are aesthetically pleasing to us.

Are the spaces around my ‘perfect’ photos just as neat? Yes! But there’s only Patrick and I in the house so there isn’t a lot of ‘mess’ and because we love the look of what we have even if the dish rag was strewn across the counter, it still kinda looks nice (it’s a beautiful white cotton one which I stitched together from the leftover cotton fabric I used for our curtains).

Who knows what a baby will mean to our aim of a simple, tranquil home and this space. I’ve done my best to ensure A Life Un-Styled doesn’t become a baby, or mummy blog but there’s no denying that this little one is already taking up so much of my heart, time and thought. I still feel like my life is balanced, I’m doing much of what I did pre-pregnancy and I still love all the things I loved back then. I have changed, life has changed but there’s still a lot of stability in that change, if that makes any sense.

But here’s to whatever lies ahead and as it all unfolds I thank you for your friendship and I hope you hang around for the rest of the ride! It’s going to be such an adventure!

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