I had planned on sharing quite a different skincare post this month and had this one in the works for a few months down the line. Four, maybe five, weeks ago I was out shopping for some natural, organic cosmetics for my face. In particular something to help conceal my tired, tired face and eye area. As the lovely lady at the cosmetics counter tried a few things on my face she pointed out how the concealer was “caking” under my eye. “That suggests that your eye area is very dry and is in need of hydration. Do you use an eye serum?” I felt deflated. I’m a new mum with no help, I do what I can to maintain a decent skincare regime and now I’m being told that no amount of concealer will conceal the truth. I left without purchasing anything.

I know I’ve been looking rather tired. Patrick is probably too kind to tell me and my friends are all such angels. But I think I look tired even though I don’t always feel tired. I wanted to fix this. So I emailed the team at Savar, I use all their products any way and if there was anyone who would know what I should do it would be their director Vicky Woolford. I poured my heart out to Vicky explaining the situation. I needed whatever they had that would fix this and I was ready to commit to it long term. Which is why I wanted to do a post on how I went with re-hydrating my under eye area in a few months, because realistically that’s how long I thought it would take to see results.

Vicky suggested their Natural Wonder Lift Eye Cream and I said sure. I need enough for the next few months because I want to get this situation sorted, how many bottles do I need? I thought she’d suggest a few bottles, you know to keep me going. Nope. Just one. Apparently one was all I needed. I rolled my eyes (sorry Vicky). But how right she was. It didn’t take months. It didn’t take numerous bottles of product. I’ve been using tiny grain size amounts of the Wonder Lift Eye Cream twice a day and my eye area looks and feels hydrated. For the first week and a half I didn’t apply any make-up. I was too scared that it would still look cakey and I’d be discouraged (but in the meantime I got the concealer and foundation – let’s leave that for another post).


Around the two week mark I decided to give the eye make-up a go. Lo and behold, it slid right on. No cakey-ness at all. Just beautiful even coverage on healthy, hydrated skin. The Savar eye cream offers instant hydration to the eye area without being thick or greasy. I realise that eye creams are made with fine line reduction and wrinkle reduction in mind but I really was after hydration and if those other things happen in the process, well that’s a bonus. I’m so thrilled with so quickly I’ve seen results, actual measurable results, and with how little product is actually needed. Adding the eye cream delicately around my eye area is not a chore, it’s something done with confidence and eagerness because it has worked so splendidly for me.

The Savar Natural Wonder Lift Eye Cream contains black tea extract which is the ingredient that supports anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and encourages firmness and elasticity. The antioxidant rich New Zealand chamomile helps to soothe dry and irritated skin. A great ingredient for those with sensitive skin. And the organic billberry calms and protects the skin. The product can also be used for dark circles under your eyes and on your neck and upper lip area as well. I have dark circles but I reckon a bottle of “Rafa sleeping through the night” is needed to remedy that. Expecting Savar to fix those might be a bit too much to ask.

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