We’ve just returned from our sojourn to Fiji, crashing right into Winter with single digit temperatures but thankfully a clear and sunny sky. These two months away have taught me so much about parenting, myself and the things we own and use. Most relevant to this post is the handiest skincare product for travel – Something I discovered, rather serendipitously. In my little, clear carry-on pouch I quickly collected items for the flight – lip balm, hand-sanitizer, face mist/toner, lipstick and this Savar Advanced Hand Repair. The only reason this 60ml bottle of hand cream was thrown in was because Rafa had been playing with it. He loves it when you pump some onto his hands and he rubs them together, and then hits himself in the face (trying to rub it on). It’s the cutest thing, and it also means he has the nicest hands.

During the numerous flights, I quickly discovered that not only did it keep Rafa entertained but it served as more than just a hand cream. I was using it on my face (and Rafa’s face) and on his hands and legs. Rafa also loves lip balm and will destroy ours if given the chance. So the hand cream doubled as a lip balm. It proved just as moisturizing and quite pleasant in its newly acquired role (I continued using it as such). Serendipitous use number three, a weapon to tame fly away strands of hair – again, on both my and Rafa’s head. For most of our trip I tried to keep Rafa’s hair semi-acceptable using the hand cream, and tamed my locks in the process.

The product wasn’t in my carry-on case intentionally, but I’m glad it was. A single product that can be stretched for a variety of uses helps minimize waste, space and allows you to get more from your money. The Savar Advanced Hand Repair truly surprised me – a real workhorse, but humble in comparison to the other glamours products on offer.

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