I’m extremely slow in the mornings. “First thing” in the morning certainly isn’t my favourite time of day and having a baby who is up at 7am hasn’t made mornings any easier for me. Instead of getting too consumed by memories of 10am sleep-ins throughout the week I’ve had to embrace the mornings and slowly set a few rituals for myself. This time of day in our home isn’t always peaceful, sometimes it is, but mostly it’s a time of great activity. Patrick getting ready to go to work. Preparing breakfast. Assembling lunch. Feeding Rafa. Feeding ourselves. Getting everyone and everything ready to face the adventures that the world may throw at us. Not being a morning person also meant that I didn’t tend to eat much until closer to lunch time. That has now changed out of necessity. Breastfeeding leaves me hungry. Constantly. I’ve been careful to make sure I also stay hydrated enough. The drink of choice being water – flavoured with fruit and herbs, and lately I’ve added a beautiful breastfeeding tea to the mix.


I have added to my work-in-progress minimalist life the Fressko Rise Brew As You Go Flask. I’m not going to lie, in large part the appeal was aesthetic. The beautiful 100% BPA and chemical free glass flask looks stylish. But the practicality of the product quickly won me over – perfect for brewing loose leaf or tea-bagged teas as well as for infused water. The dual hot or cold use of the flask meant that there was one less item taking up space in my home. The bamboo lid is leak proof and I know this because on our recent family picnic in the rush of settling Rafa and packing things I had the flask upside-down in my backpack and not a single drop of lemon infused water escaped (thank goodness because my camera was in the same bag!).


I’ve brewed a few different things in my flask (and you’ll see more of it on my Instagram). My three favourites are: the classic lemon, and mint infused water. Ginseng tea for when I’m out exercising, it’s a great post-workout drink. And now, I drink this amazing loose breastfeeding tea 3-5 times a day and having it ready to go in the flask is perfect. Fressko also have this collection of recipes which I can’t wait to try. I have the smallest flask, the 300ml ‘Rise’ flask (tagged “for the style conscious morning commuter”) which on its own weighs just 423g and is still a wonderful size to throw into my backpack when Rafa and I head out. It’s nice finding beautiful yet practical items that enhance your experience of the life you live.

There are a variety of Made by Fressko flasks now available in New Zealand through the Natural Things website. You can shop the entire range here.

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