I’m confused about whether I feel like the months are flying by or that everything is just taking so long to happen! Either way it’s now October and I don’t think I could have found a better intention for this month. I came across the concept in an article that Patrick’s colleague sent around on Strategies for Caregivers. It wasn’t an article that was obviously or directly specific to us or our situation but because Patrick teaches in the area and we parent Miss 11, we’re happy to read these things. The article goes on to suggest that “trying different is easier than trying harder.”

It’s so simple isn’t it? If something doesn’t work, try another alternative. But instead I find in the moment we become so committed to making things work that we continue to invest more and more into the same technique or strategy (trying harder) instead of stepping away and considering a new approach (trying different). I can apply this to so many aspects of my life at the moment including parenting Miss 11 (who seems to be going through the turbulent teenage years now!) as well as in our business. This month I’m changing gears a little and instead of trying too hard with strategies and approaches I hoped would work, I’m letting go and trying to do things a little different.

If nothing else, a little bit of change never hurt anyone. October, you’re all about trying different, not harder.

Do you think this concept could apply to you?
Are there things you could approach differently instead of harder? 

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