Popbasic has created a le Breton of flattering length, a stripe width that caters for all body types, with quality of fabric and production process that allows you to wear this piece effortlessly all year. 

I have two le bretons from Popbasic, and they’ve been on high rotation since I purchased them. I bought the first one when Popbasic released them in July 2013 and being impressed with the quality I quickly procured a second one as soon as they become available again. These breton tops have seen me through pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. I’ve worn them to pre-natal yoga class, date nights, meetings and on those mundane days at home. Popbasic have just released another limited run of their le bretons so if you’re interested now is the perfect time to snap one, or two, up for yourself. They are priced at $48 with free shipping and you can also get an additional $15 off with this link.

What do you consider a wardrobe staple? 

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