Kowtow have a legging made from premium certified fair trade organic cotton and dyed free of hazardous elements such as formaldehyde, pesticides and other heavy metals. The legging has extra long legs that gather nicely around the ankle, or you can fold them in if you prefer.

I hadn’t discovered leggings until I got pregnant and now I consider them a definite wardrobe staple. During my pregnancy I wore them with my other wardrobe staple the breton top but I’m finding that it’s also an easy layering piece in the cooler months. This Kowtow Building Block Legging was my one item of clothing purchased this month (like last year I’m sticking to only buying one item of clothing a month). I was so impressed with the quality of the legging, you could tell instantly that they used the best possible fabric. I’ve been wearing mine with little dresses and boots during the cooler and wet days. They are such a great alternative to tights/stockings when you’re wearing boots. They are also an easy choice for yoga and simple stretches, I pair it with a black cami when I feel the desire to pull the yoga mat out. The versatility of the leggings make them such an obvious wardrobe staple for me. It has helped me reduce my wardrobe of very specific types of clothing that are perhaps more single purpose – such as yoga and exercise pants.

What do you consider a wardrobe staple? 

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