Emma and Roe (by Michael Hill) have a well-crafted, affordable collection of jewellery that is aesthetically pleasing and wearable as you go about your everyday adventures. 

While actively downsizing my wardrobe and accessories I noticed that what I really needed was something simple yet striking that I could wear everyday to elevate my very basic uniform (consisting of usually a black knit and black pants). I decided it needed to be a piece of jewellery. It needed to be something that was unfussy, easy to put on and wouldn’t interrupt the flow of everyday life with a 10 month old. So I decided on a pair of earrings. I only ever wear one pair, a simple diamond stud that Patrick surprised me with years ago. I love it and hardly ever take it off but that was at a time when my outfits were louder and more fussy and my jewellery needed to be simple.

After looking for a few days, I settled on these earrings and enhancer set from Emma and Roe (by Michael Hill). They offer the perfect amount of sparkle and interest. It’s been such an easy and affordable way to add a little depth to my everyday look, and has yielded some wonderful comments and enquiries.  The top ‘stud’ part of the earring can be worn on its own, or you can buy other enhancers (the bottom part) to change up the look. I had a little more money left to spend from a $200 budget (my earrings were $99), so I ended up getting a gift for my little sister – these white cubic zirconia and sterling silver stud earrings with quatre enhancers. It’s lovely having pieces of jewellery that are small and delicate but I’m enjoying having a piece that is rather bold and makes a statement yet is comfortable enough for everyday wear.

I suppose accessory and jewellery needs evolve just as clothing needs do.

*This post was created in conjunction with Emma and Roe, all opinions are my own.

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