I’m a huge fan of the trade aid (NZ) stores and Oxfam (Australia) stores. Just before Rafa was born I had scheduled a hair cut and fit in some last minute browsing. I wandered into trade aid and found this beautiful white cotton shawl. An item that had been on my wardrobe list for a year and a half. 

Scarves and shawls are a large part of my wardrobe but I’ve whittled my collection down based on colour (neutrals, with a few shades that pop), texture (to add depth to my otherwise plain outfits) and fabric. I now only have a small collection of scarves that I truly love and easily pair with everything in my wardrobe. This shawl is particularly handy now that I have a baby – it’s lightweight but big enough to provide warmth, privacy and comfort. I also love the little information cards you get when you shop at stores like trade aid that tell you where your product was made. This shawl was handmade made by artisans who base their work on Ghandian principles in rural Rajasthan. This shawl has become part of my Autumnal uniform and I’m sure will feature just as prominently in other seasons!

I also find that the addition of shawls or scarves are the easiest way to elevate any outfit, especially in the summer when achieving the ‘three-piece rule’ can be trickier.

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