One of the easiest ways I can think of to really understand your wardrobe and style is to consider what you wear at home. I remember as children we had ‘home clothes’ and ‘good clothes’ or ‘outing clothes’ and while it might be a useful distinction for children I find it less so for adults. This mindset really distorted the way I thought about clothes and life events. The nicer clothes being for nicer events. I no longer have ‘home clothes’. I have clothes that are comfortable, practical and of good quality that I wear at home and out. I did this by thinking about two specific things: a colour palette and the three-piece rule.

The colour palette. If I’m at home chances are I’ll be cooking, cleaning, working or engaged in some form of activity. I’m likely to get my clothes dirty because I’m clumsy like that. I opt for darker colours. Besides no one is really going to notice that it’s the same black jumper, but they probably will notice the same yellow one! The colours in my wardrobe are all pretty neutral. Having said that, I rely on pops to colour (through jewellery or scarves) to lift the otherwise drab ‘home clothes’ look.

The three-piece rule: Have you noticed how we (and others) tend to look so nicely put together in the colder months? People think this has to do with the layers and how layers enhance our look. In the warmer months I tend to only wear two pieces. Usually shorts and a top, a skirt and a top or a dress. I started adding scarves to my outfits and it was so obvious how quickly it could transform a look. Since then I’ve added other light layers in the summer. In colder months, even inside the house where it’s warm I’ll wear a lightweight summer scarf. It makes my outfits look a little more polished.

To go from being dressed for the day at home to heading out the door in a matter of minutes I wear comfortable clothes from a neutral colour palette. At the moment blacks and greys. I tend to favour skinny jeans and slightly loose knits with lightweight scarves. If I have to go out I’ll add a coat, a warmer scarf, some lipstick, a bag and a pair of shoes. That’s literally it.

A lot of people probably don’t care what they wear at home. I do, mostly because having an additional set of clothes for home meant I just had clothes that were unnecessary. I was spending money on beautiful clothing, why shouldn’t I wear them often or all the time. The other reason I wanted to change this mindset was because I wanted to comfortably and confidently answer my door in the middle of the day, or be able to pick up my keys, phone and wallet and head out for a spur of the moment cafe date with a friend. I want my clothes to complement my lifestyle not dictate it. I see being ready for all the adventures and opportunities as an integral part of living and embracing life.

What do you wear at home?
How do you think about your ‘home style’? 

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  • Rita says:

    This is such a timely read. I realised recently that my home clothes were being dramatically ignored and separated from my lean closet effort. This made no sense in my current lifestyle. It's funny because, growing up, our mum always had us dress "appropriately", even if we were home the whole day or cleaning our bedroom. I couldn't understand why I couldn't just clean my bedroom in my pajamas! Now really do understand what she was on about 🙂 If you can't open the door or step outside your home without feeling embarrassed about what you're wearing, you need to look into that!

  • I have slowly removed the idea of home clothes from my wardrobe. It has been hard and difficult to both change my thoughts and collect clothes that could play the comfy at home role as well as the going out job. As of today, I've started collating a capsule wardrobe. This means that I officially have no home clothes. Totally agree with the scarf at home trick too! I find myself doing this as well and wearing my jewellery more just for me even if I'm at home all day.

  • Kristian says:

    This is a good point about home clothes vs. "nice" clothes. I don't do that exactly but I do have "work" clothes, and "everyday" clothes. Many pieces are both but some are strictly one or the other. I think it depends on what the needs of your daily life are.

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