It’s no secret that I love Instagram. I’ve had a lot of fun posting photos of the mundane, doing photo challenges and sharing moments from the fashion scene that I’ve been lucky enough to be part of in a small way. I found that Instagram pushed me to try to be more creative with my photos. On one particular holiday I put the phone away. I had internet connectivity but made the decision to turn the phone off and put it away. And that went for Instagram and taking photos with my phone.

I relied on my Canon 550D, my Diana F+ Mini and my Instax MiniI stopped looking at a not so great photo and thinking, ‘oh that’s fine, an Instagram filter will fix it’. Instead, I was paying a lot more attention to the natural light in my photos. The shadows. I let Patrick and little Miss 9 play with the Canon while I snapped away using film. I took photos from different angles and heights. I played with the different settings on my cameras. Always shooting on manual when using my Canon. All in all, I felt like I was taking better photos and being more attentive to what I was doing and why I was doing it. Looking through the digital photos I took I feel immensely proud that I have a beautiful (to me) and manageable collection of photos of our trip and the time we spent with the girls.

What I would really love to do on my next holiday is to leave the digital camera at home. To try to improve my analog photography skills.  But that would be difficult! This trip was the first time that I didn’t take a whole lot of photos with my iPhone and upload them to Instagram. I thought I’d have mixed feelings about it, but I didn’t. I felt quite relaxed. I wasn’t stressed about photos failing to load. The way I would pay close attention to interacting with all of you, I was paying to interacting with the people around me. It wasn’t liberating. It didn’t feel like freedom. It just felt like a different kinda of nice.

As a blogger, it was lovely to have some space. To really focus on my nieces. The way they spoke, the things they did, and what made them giggle. I know it was a relief for Patrick not having me constantly ask if he could take a picture – or having to wait before enjoying his food or drink just because I was trying to take a picture! It was also a huge relief to my phone data bill, which just hit $965 (!) but that’s another post.

Now, do tell me, how do you use Instagram?  Have you ever gone on holiday and not Instagramed? Or not taken your digital camera? 

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13 comments on “How I Went On Holiday And Didn’t Instagram”

  • Erica Louise says:

    You're working on another blog? I'm interested in hearing more! Beautiful photographs Vanisha

  • Hi Erica, I really ought to do a post about it. I'll be keeping and continuing with this blog but the new one is called The Purposeful Blogger and will be dedicated to blogging type posts. It was inspired by the response to this How I Grow My Blog series The new blog is in the final design stage and I'm looking at having a blog launch in a few months, it's all very exciting! 🙂

  • patrick says:

    Thank for you for the great few days away sweetheart xo

  • Rekha Monger says:

    Oh its snowing there? I miss snow here in Bhutan, the summer heat has been dreadful here :(. And just your beautiful pics in the snow soothes me from this heat here.

    Didn't know about your new blog, looking forward to it.


  • Orianne W says:

    Wonderful pix Vanisha, reminds me on Switzerland.
    I'll follow your new blog, promise is a promise!

    I wish you a wonderful next week:)



  • Sam says:

    Hi Vanisha, your holiday looks splendid! I wished it snowed like that here now. It must have been so much fun, and from your wonderful photos, I can tell you all had the greatest time

  • lifeisswede says:

    Maybe I shouldn't admit that my first thought when I saw snow was "whaaaa… ?" then I remembered the whole opposite season thing ;-))

    Beautiful photos. I just found this blog, excited to read more!!


  • Tyne Swedish says:

    First off I loved this post and you totally deserve to take in your surroundings and those around you (esp. those sweet nieces of yours). Sometimes we can get too caught up with our blogs and friends via blogging and forget to really spend time with those around us.
    I love instagram (as we both know). I enjoy using it to showcase my life in a different way: show off indy, the sky, my journaling, etc… I just love the personal aspect of it that I feel mixes with my blog well. Does that make sense? Probably not.
    I will say that I have recently stopped carrying my camera everywhere. That was becoming my life. Not diner with Jason or drinks with friends. I was not living in the moment but snapping pics for later. To live the moment later. So now I just take pics for IG and move on. No longer do I live the moment later.


  • Sara Louise says:

    Confession: I'm a blogger who doesn't instagram. I'm pretty sure the blogging police will be knocking down my door any minute now…

  • Stephanie says:

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday love. And it's good you unplugged from instagram and just enjoyed the moment. Even though i have an instagram account, i can't really consider myself much of an active user as i only put up pictures when the mood strikes.

    Good luck with your thesis 🙂

    xo Stephanie

  • Zoe says:

    Lovely photos Vanisha, it looks like you had a great time away!

    I have only really been an Instagrammer since I started blogging, and my photography skills are most definitely a work in progress, but I love taking photos, it's such a nice way of remembering things, I share things to Instagram if it's something I think others would enjoy or something I am excited about, but other times I just take photos and keep them for me which means I might go a few days without Instagramming, but I'm ok with that! I think lately I've decided you just have to do what works for you, I'm really enjoying my break from blogging because it means I can properly explore other people's blogs and really think about what I want for my next one, it's nice to step back sometimes.

    I am very impressed with your venture into analog photography, I really look forward to seeing how that goes xx

  • When we went to Fiji early this year I put a ban on all digital media. No phones no laptops. It was perfect. Yes we still took a huge amount of photos, between the two of us we packed five cameras. But it was so good to step away from everything else and just enjoy each other and where we were.

  • V, what a wonderful way to spend a weekend! As you know I've just spent the last 10 days without any reception of any sort. But did take my digital camera and have instagramed a couple of photos since. It was a wonderful experience, but it's nice to be connected once again.

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