October 16th is World Food Day and I’m thrilled to let you know that World Vision is partnering with the United Nations World Food Programme through the 40 Hour Famine Channels. The partnership means that for every dollar World Vision fundraises, the World Food Programme will match it times 9 – meaning we’d be turning $1 into $9 of food aid instantly. Food aid that is needed in South Sudan and the East African region where emergencies continue to cause food stress to the population.

Over the last three months food has become so much more important to me because I’m pregnant. I know how important it is to nourish my body so that my growing baby has what it needs to grow. As a researcher who has worked with children I’ve seen the effects of children who come to school without having nourishing meals. It’s devastating. Many schools now, in countries as different as Fiji and New Zealand, offer feeding programs acknowledging the need for children to have decent meals in order to learn and survive. It’s becoming evident that you cannot just invest in education without considering the health and nutrition of children.

World-Vision-World-Food-Day-1 World-Vision-World-Food-Day-2World-Vision-World-Food-Day-3 World Vision partners with the World Good Programme every year to deliver life-saving food to children and families around the world. While the World Food Programme provides the food, World Vision must raise money to cover the costs of distributing the food: which includes logistics, warehousing and staff. As a researcher who has worked on the ground in the field, I can’t tell you how important effective logistics and budgets relating to project or program delivery are. Without the right structures and systems it’s difficult to get worthwhile programs running. The costs related to distribution and the strategies for distribution are just as important as the food itself.

You can donate, find out more, and watch a video of the impact the program makes here. You can decide how much you donate, there is no set amount, remember even if you can only afford a few dollars, your donation is multiplied up to nine times.

For every $1 you donate, World Vision can deliver food and other relief essentials up to the value of  $9. Find out more about the World Vision World Food Day Program here.

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