2012 was an interesting year. Patrick and I faced some time apart again, he was in New Zealand and I stayed in Australia. We travelled  though not as much as 2011. Which I was thankful for. I enjoyed not moving around as much. Being at home and really living in our space was a beautiful luxury. This ‘year in pictures’ review is a little late, simply because I had no idea what I wanted to share with you. This collection of photos has taken weeks to put together!January: Sydney, Australia. We spent the Australia Day weekend with family and friends in Sydney. My friend Sarah and I did a very long cupcake decorating and macaroon making class. A great start to the year – food, drinks, cupcakes, macaroon, shopping, and love.

February: After all the travelling and feasting we did over the festive season, we really got back into eating healthy in February.

March: Back to our routine of mid-week getaways! We explored the quaint little towns and chipped away at work.

 April: We went to Fiji (my little sister graduated with her law degree and I got to witness it all) and came back owners of 5.8 acres of land, that’s the road level view – you must be so tired of hearing about this! One of the most amazing things to happen this year.

May: Brunch in the gardens. We live across the road from the Australian National Botanic Gardens (and the wonderful Floresco Cafe) and with the weather being all nice, we spent almost every weekend in May there!

June: Brisbane, Australia. Our first trip to Brisbane as a family. Patrick played the tour guide and showed me around ‘his’ Brisbane. Spent time in Sydney (Australia) and had lots of fun at a photo shoot.

July: was a tough month, and I started counting my 16 weekends. Patrick left for New Zealand (for four months), I celebrated my birthday on my own and spent lots of time in the kitchen cooking up a storm…for one.
 August: Ski Fields – Perisher, Australia. I don’t think I need to say anything more!

September: Melbourne, Australia. A weekend spent supporting my favorite charity, eating good food, drinking, doing a photography class, having a blogger meet up and shopping!

October: was an important month for my wardrobe. I did continuous culls, filling numerous charity bins and started shopping in a manner that was a lot more purposeful!

November: Dunedin and Queenstown, New Zealand. I got to see this handsome man again, and Patrick too. And I got a tattoo!
December: Patrick and I spent Christmas in Gladstone, Queensland (Australia) I finally understood what being an aunt truly meant (insisting on afternoon trampoline fun!) and what it meant and felt like to truly be part of a bigger family.

We packed in quite a bit of domestic travel in 2012. More trips to Sydney then I care to count but it really was a wonderful year. Not too busy but full of fun experiences and lots of experiences to learn from. We don’t have any real goals for 2013. Maybe start thinking a bit more about the house we’re going to build and spending more time with family. Nothing so exciting, but that’s what I said in 2011, and look at how great 2012 was. So I’ll just sit back and let life lead the way…

Much love,

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  • Leslie says:

    You've been busy Vanisha! So much travel snd exciting opportunities.

  • ~Orianne~ says:

    The Fiji pic is so wonderful Vanisha:)



  • jamie-lee says:

    Looks like 2012 was a good year for you, even if you had a bit of a tough time when Patrick left for NZ. I hope that 2013 brings you many incredible opportunities! 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    What a fabulous recap and a great way to remember the year! We are headed to Australia in a few months so I have been enjoying looking through your pictures!

  • Sam says:

    This is such a beautiful pictorial display of wonderful memories from the year as passed.

  • Where did you get your photos done when you came to Brisbane? Oh, and the more images you post of Fiji, the more excited I get about going!!


  • Great post, vanisha! I love the food pictures. Happy New Year!

  • Elle Sees says:

    Vanisha, What a year you've had! And may 2013 bless you even more.

  • wikigirl says:

    Loved that video V! Your photo of Brisbane made me a little homesick 🙁 But I was instantly cheered up by October being an important month for your wardrobe. A girl after my own hear! 🙂 Wardrobe culling and organisation is a serious business after all x

  • Rekha Monger says:

    Wow such an amazing year you had in 2012 Vanisha. Its beautifully captured in pictures :D. Wish you a great year ahead in 2013 and would love to see your 2013 in picture again next year 🙂

  • Rachi says:

    Beautiful recap Vanisha! x

  • Svenja says:

    What a beautiful year review! I really enjoyed watching your video. I am sure 2013 will be as well full of wonderful & marvelous moments for you!

    Love from Germany,
    Svenja xx

  • Stephanie says:

    Ugh! I love this post so much i want to live in it Vanisha! I love how you were able to chronicle each month in pictures. I think i need to make a trip to Perisher this year. If i don't see any snow, i might just cry this year from deprivation

    xo Stephanie

  • great photos!

  • You've had a year of abundant blessings in 2012. Despite the tough roads you've had, you have managed to turn it around into something beautiful while making the most out of it. You've inspired me to clean up the wardrobe and look into simplifying things and I'm following your advice this year about wearing less makeup. Wishing you an even better 2013.

  • Lovely Light says:

    Such a nice way to reflect on the year. It looks like yours was full of adventure (and food)! 🙂

  • Debby Steele says:

    this was fun seeing your year recap through photos. of course, I remember that gorgeous photo shoot you did! the brunch looks heavenly. xo

  • Annie says:

    What an awesome year! You have some really gorgeous photos to remember it 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • miss b says:

    A lovely round-up of your year and so many beautiful, varied photos from the delicious avocado salad (which I must make!)to the stunning snowy landscape. Wishing you a great year ahead.

  • Connie says:

    I will never get tired of hearing about your puchase in Fiji, and can't wait to hear more about that adventure.
    Oh and I love the photo from your photoshoot:)

  • Stephanie says:

    I'm so in love with that avocado goodness picture! The other ones are fabulous as well, but that seriously made my mouth water. Going to the fridge…:)

  • Life etc... says:

    Such a great wrap up of the year! I didn't even try to do a summary – I would never have been able to pick a few thoughtful photos like you have 🙂


  • Julie Keller says:

    This is such a fantastic post, and a quick way to remember what happened in 2012 in the future. Amazing how life just takes hold, and changes plans!

  • Love this review, Vanisha! 🙂 It's one great way to remember what you did and went through each month last year. 2013 will be fantastic and interesting as well. 🙂

  • What a fantastic year you had – here's to more amazingness in 2013!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  • trishie says:

    Looks like an action packed 2012. I love that you make mid week trips and getaways, sounds like something I should be doing too!

  • sophboat says:

    Such a lovely way to sum up your year, I did the same using instagram. Surprising how long it took for me too! And no, as a new visitor I hadn't heard about your Fiji land purchase!! That is super exciting I will have to trawl back through your archives to read more x

  • Your year looked like it was jam-packed with fun! Happy 2013 Vanisha, may you have a wonderful year!!

  • Fashion-isha says:

    Everything looks sooo GOOD! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Mandi says:

    Gorgeous photo diary Vanisha! So many lovely memories.

    xx Mandi

  • Shauna says:

    What a beautiful year! I wish you all that and more in 2013! xxx

  • Miss Amy says:

    Love these photos – you've had quite a year – I can't wait to hear about your adventures of 2013!

  • s says:

    U ARE SO PRETTY! im lovin'g your food photos too keke. i just love ur blog! xO!

  • Cee says:

    It was such a pleasure to follow along with your life in 2012, Vanisha – I know that it was a year full of personal ups and downs for you but looking back at the photos, it seems to me that you came out of it feeling very positive, which is the most important thing of all 🙂 Wishing you much success and happiness this year – and I can't wait to read all about it!

  • Katrin says:

    Looks like an awesome year! Love all your pictures and I hope that 2013 will be even better for you! I know there were also some sad things that happened but you are so strong and I know that you can handle anything!

  • Lindsay K says:

    What a year you guys had! I know there were some really sad things too, but you got through them with such strength and grace. It's so nice to be able to look back at this an see how much you accomplished.I wish you the best in 2013!

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