What a year. I don’t even know where to begin with this years ‘year in pictures’ post. At the beginning of the year I was heavily pregnant, then Peanut became Rafa and now I have a nine month old who says mumma and follows me around the house – or completely ignores me, based on how he’s feeling.

I think the year has been hardest on Patrick who has had to be there for me, work and at the same time remain involved with Rafa. I have no idea how he has done it. I do know that I couldn’t have done it without him, and I cannot do it without him. My mothering style is a real team effort!

I’m unashamed to admit that our whole year was so focused on Rafa. I’m thrilled that I have the flexibility in my life and work to be able to dedicate so much time and energy to Rafa. But now towards the end of the year we’ve started working Rafa into our lives. Instead of working ourselves around him.

So many new people have entered our lives bringing so much joy and positive energy. Others have left. Our life remains simple but is being lived with such great love. I think that’s what stands out for me the most of this year – there is so much love and joy in our little home, amongst our little family. A simple life, lived with great love.

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